Approximate Age:
13 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Benny.

I was adopted August 25, 2014.

When my mom died, a neighbor called TALGV and they came to rescue my two feline friends, Sylvester, Tabster, and my canine pal, Flicka from our home. We were really glad for that, as who knows where we might have ended up had she not intervened. I’m a handsome, medium-haired solid black boy, and having lived with other cats and a dog, I’d probably fit into just about any kind of household (I don’t remember whether there were kids around, but I’ll bet that if they were gentle with me, I’d be okay with them, too). The volunteers here say that I’m affectionate (just take it easy with me at first) and love being petted so I’m betting that I’d bring an undeniable joie de vivreto your life! My other friends have all been adopted so it’s my turn now!