Approximate Age:
6 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Birch,

Adopted 3-3-21

There’s instant coffee, instant tea, and me, instant purr! I’m one of a number of cats that TALGV has taken in to help lighten PACC’s load, and practically every one of us have been über sweet guys (and gals). There’s one term they use when evaluating cats upon arrival, and it says it all about me: “does elevator butt” (you cat people will know exactly what that is!). They also said I had “good eye contact, relaxed body, and allowed touch to full body.” That said, I guess you pretty much know what you’ll get with me (not even counting my unique corkscrew tail!), so how about letting me share my feline charms with you?

Arrived 1-27-21