Approximate Age:
23 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Boomer.

I was adopted June 19, 2014.

When my family moved to a new house, they said there wasn’t enough room for me in addition to their dogs and parrots! My suggestion, of course, was to rehome the dogs and parrots instead, but they didn’t listen to me! I’m a purebred Egyptian Mau and my exotic appearance is just the beginning of the magic of my breed. People also fall in love because we have irrepressible personalities, are sensitive, people-oriented, and dote on our family.  I’m a social butterfly (with humans, not other cats!) who loves laps, brushing, games, toys, and, well, practically everything about life! I’m also VERY smart, so if you want personality, looks, and brains, I can do all of that and lots more!

Boomer qualifies for TALGV Vet Care for Life program.