Approximate Age:
2 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Chestnut,

If you’re into short histories here’s mine: “A friend watching our house said a cat was hiding in our courtyard from June until we got back in early November. I put food out and found the cat friendly (and skinny!), so I picked her up and put her in a crate.” And here I am! Either I was having pretty good luck fending for myself during that time, or there were other people helping out, ‘cause despite my travails, I’m in great shape! Oh, and pretty and sweet, too! They’re guessing I’m about 18 months old, so even if I’ve used only one of my nine lives, I’ve got lots more to enjoy the comforts of a real home. Yours would suit me to a “T,” so let’s get together today!

Arrived 11-19-16