Approximate Age:
11 years, 4 months


Hi… my name is Foxy,

Adopted as Cat Wing Meeter & Greeter 8-20-20

If you’re looking for something distinctive in a cat (OK, we’re ALL distinctive in our own ways), I’m your gal! No one’s sure how it occurred, but I’ve got the most charming cauliflower ear, and it just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to my already endearing personality! When my mom was evicted from her home, my sister (who’s already found a home, lucky lady!), and I lost our home, too. I was pretty shy when I first arrived, but now all it takes is a little glance and kind word and I’m all love and purrs. I’ll bet there’s nothing that’ll help you beat the summer doldrums more than hunkering down with me!

Arrived 1-20-20