Approximate Age:
8 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Fudge.

When I first came to TALGV as part of a litter, my name was “Fudge.” The couple that adopted me changed that to “Blackie” (ho hum … some people aren’t terribly imaginative!), but you can call me anything you want (“Sweetie” would be appropriate!). They returned me after just two months because I “wasn’t working out” since I got on the furniture and jumped on counters (HELLO? I’m a kitten!). Well all you have to do is get me a cat tree (which will inspire my climbing on that) with a scratching post at the bottom (which will entice me to exercise my paws that way), and then provide me with some toys and a lap or a spot on the sofa next to you (after I’ve gotten my kitten “ya-ya’s” out) and we’ll do just fine. So if you’re a “kitten person” and know our sometimes-rowdy ways, you’ll be happy as a clam with me!