Approximate Age:
10 years, 8 months
16 pounds


Hi… my name is Julia (aka Izzy),

Adopted 6-14-19

I think women who need to lose weight often dream of their slender days of youth, and I’m no exception! When I left TALGV, I was a willowy gal and quite proud of my girlish figure, but after living with my recently passed away mom and dad (who might have thought that food equals love!), I’ve added a few extra pounds. I’m still the affectionate, playful lady with a sweet disposition I always was though, and love chasing stuffed mice, batting small aluminum balls around, watching birds, being talked to, and sleeping on your lap or in bed, so won’t you help me implement a weight-watching program so I can do more of that with you?

PS I am keeping the photos of the slimmer me in my gallery; they will be my goal for the future.

Adopted 1-14-14; Arrived 1-11-19; Adopted 2-1-19; Arrived 5-17-19