Approximate Age:
9 years, 1 months

Kitty Kat

Hi… my name is Kitty Kat.

Adopted January 4, 2015.

Check out my paws! If you didn’t know better you’d swear I’d been sloshing through a bowl of whipped cream! Well, in my dreams anyway! My little family moved to a new apartment and couldn’t afford the pet deposit for me and my kittens, so here I am — ready to move in with someone already established and in need of feline companionship. I’m just a youngster myself at, and I’m said to be gentle with kids, get along with (nice!) dogs, “sleep anywhere” and “eat a lot” (maybe because I was feeding my kids!). In any case, the “bottom line” is that you’ll wonder what on earth you did before Kitty Kat (or whatever you’d like to call me) entered your life!

Arrived September 29, 2014.