Approximate Age:
9 years, 1 months
6 1/2 pounds
Special Needs:
Available with Chula

Mama Buena

Hi… my name is Mama Buena,

Adopted with Chula 2-23-21

My dad’s granddaughter said that my housemate, Chula, and I were the joy of his life – we lived with him since birth – so we’re both trying to get over the sadness of losing him. She said that while I was once outgoing and active, I’ve become rather shy since his passing, but when life was “normal,” I loved cuddling while he was brushing me, and we especially enjoyed watching CNN and ESPN (we’re big Wildcat fans!). I’m a 7-year-old longhaired buff tabby lady who needs to stay with Chula because it’ll make our adjustment so much easier. So, bottom line, you can have double the love and both of us for the price of one!

Arrived 12-31-20