Approximate Age:
7 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Max.

Adopted August 20, 2015

My siblings, Pax, Jax, Molly, and I were born to a feral mom, but thanks to the wonderful lady whose yard we lived in, we’ve all been fed and socialized and are just as sweet as any kittens you’ve ever met. Our foster mom even made sure we got our vaccinations and were neutered, so now all we have to do is find “real” homes where we can get down to the business of being the entertaining and loving companions we’re meant to be. I’m a black and white boy with a delightful Chaplinesque moustache who’s very affectionate, playful, and love to be held and petted, so I’m looking forward to finding out what a place of my very own is like. I’m ever so hopeful it will be yours!

Arrived July 7, 2015