Approximate Age:
6 years, 9 months

Meow Meow


Hi… my name is Meow Meow,

Adopted June 15, 2016

When my mom, her five kids, and my feline housemate moved in with her boyfriend, I seem to have taken an instant dislike to him and my previously impeccable manners took a bit of a nosedive. But Mom said before then, I was a totally gentle, sweet little girl who got along great with the kids, was extremely friendly, lovable, and adored lying on my back so she could give me tummy rubs. I can be a bit of a night owl (but so are most cats!), but it’s just to get your attention and let you know you how much I care, so won’t you please give me a second chance? At my tender age, I have years and years ahead of me to set your life aglow.

Arrived April 30, 2016