Approximate Age:
5 years, 4 months
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Hi… my name is Miata (aka Bella),

Adopted 12-2-18

“Miata follows you around the house like a puppy (watch your feet!), loves belly rubs, likes to get up onto high places, knows how to open cabinets and closet doors, and likes spending lots of lap time. She also is really quick and would love to dart outdoors, so be careful of open doors!” (In other words, I’m really smart!) Take all that and add in the fact that I got along with the dog and female cat (but NOT the male cat for some reason – sadly, that’s the reason I’m back here at TALGV!), and you have the perfect package! At almost 2 years of age, think how rosy our futures will be together!

PS Yes, those are my baby pictures at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 3-19-17; Adopted 4-12-17; Arrived 8-22-18; Adopted 9-2-18; Arrived 11-15-18