Approximate Age:
1 years, 10 months
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Hi… my name is Miata (aka Bella),

Note: Bio needs update.

You may wonder where the Siamese comes from. Well, there are often a few Siamese in mixed litters, and mine had several, so if you did a genealogy search, you’d find an interesting combination! When my mom’s mom became ill, she had to take her dog in, and since she was limited to two pets in her small home (and she certainly couldn’t give her mom’s dog away!), it was me who had to leave. I loved playing and sleeping with the dogs though, so I’d probably do well in a home with another friendly one. Truth be told, given my tender years I’d probably do well just about anywhere, so I’m hopeful that you’ll agree when you meet me!

PS Yes, those are my baby pictures at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 3-19-17; Adopted 4-12-17; Arrived 8-22-18; Adopted 9-2-18; Arrived 11-15-18