Approximate Age:
7 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Milani.

Adopted July 2, 2015

My human mom was one of those people who never met an animal she didn’t like, and, as those things go, she ended up with a few too many. After my sister, Flower, and I were born, she finally decided enough was enough and asked TALGV to find us homes. We were just wee babes when we arrived (we’re still pretty much that now), so we lived with a foster mom (who named us for cruelty-free brands of cosmetics!), and she said that we were totally delightful, typically inventive and curious kids who would add tons of vibrancy to anyone’s home. I’m a medium-haired dilute torti girl with delightful “tickle-your-fancy” ear tufts who wants to spend my life charming you (and maybe even with Flower to help me)!

Arrived May 17, 2015