Approximate Age:
3 years, 10 months
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Hi… my name is Missy,

Adopted 11-26-18

It makes a big difference if kittens have had a mom around during their formative years to teach them good manners. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough of that education, so I’m going to need a savvy, “cat person” who can be a surrogate. I’m a gorgeous 5-month-old classic calico, who’s very active (surprise!), likes to sit in your lap and purr (for short periods!) and loves toys (well, everything’s toy, isn’t it?). I’m hopeful you’ll be the kind of person who thinks that some “education time” invested will be double the reward in forever “wonderfulness,” ‘cause If you ask me, I’m just a gem that needs polishing!

Arrived 9-5-18; Adopted 9-6-18; Arrived 11-11-18

Note: Those are my baby pictures at the end of the gallery.