Approximate Age:
21 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Mittens.

Adopted October 30, 2015

There are several personality descriptions owners can choose when surrendering a pet, and my mom checked ALL of them for me: quiet/laid back, playful/kittenlike, independent, and dependent/needy! Well, I AM a cat after all — obviously one with multiple personalities! I lived with my mom and her parents for twelve years, but now that the parents are moving, she has nowhere to go that will take me too. She said that I’m very friendly, but shy with strangers (a not uncommon cat trait!), love to be “babied” and “loved on,” and don’t like to be shut up in a room all by myself for very long (who would?). So with those bona fides, and Free Vet Care for Life, what more could you want?

Mittens comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

Arrived September 18, 2014.