Approximate Age:
16 years, 7 months
7 pounds


Hi… my name is Mousie,

Adopted 2-26-18

“Pure as the driven snow” (except for my grey “eyebrows” and tail spot), that’s what you’ll say when you see me! And oh-so-lovable to boot! You might think “Mousie” is kind of a “meh” name ‘cause it conjures up a plain, boring, fade-into-the-background kind of person, but I’m far from that! I’m a quiet lady, granted (I’m 12-years-old and have free vet care), but there’s so much more to my personality than that. I lived with dogs in my first home and did okay with them, so maybe if you have a cat-friendly canine, we’d become friends too. Life’s all about making the best of the hand you’re dealt, so I’d love to try to start a whole new game with you! What say we give it a shot?

Arrived 9-22-17; Adopted 11-18-17; Arrived 12-29-17