Approximate Age:
9 years, 0 months

Mr. October

Hi… my name is Mr. October.

My siblings and I arrived at TALGV back in July, and because there were twelve of us, we all got “month” names! At the time, no one tried to match our names to our sex, so some of us have “girl” names (like April and June who are really guys!), but some of us got lucky and have “unisex” names! Because of our not-so-stellar beginnings, all of us came down with a few ailments when we were small, but now we’re all better and growing into lovely medium- and longhaired lovers. I’m a handsome solid black boy who is just as playful as the dickens (having a lot of brothers and sisters to romp with is WAY fun!), but I’d really like to have my own family and home where I can grow into the fantastic feline I’m destined to be. Wouldn’t you like to make that happen for me?