Approximate Age:
22 years, 11 months
6 pounds


Hi… my name is Mushu,

Adopted 7-3-19

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life.

When my mom went into a nursing home, the family brought me here because they couldn’t care for me. Mom’s son said, “Mushu just wants to sit on your lap and purr. She’s old and doesn’t deserve this, but we have no choice. She may not be around too much longer, but we want her to be happy.” They say cats are like rainbows – kittens are the joy on one end and older cats are the treasure on the other, and at 20 years old, I definitely qualify for the pot of gold (as well as vet care support)! I have unlimited love to share, so why not lay claim to the treasure that’s me?


Arrived 6-11-19