Approximate Age:
7 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Oscar.

Adopted September 17, 2014.

Lucky for me, I had just stopped to rest in a pull-off area right off the freeway near Sahuarita Road, when a Sheriff’s deputy spied me. He opened his door, picked me up, said I was very friendly (“usually they run away”), and rescued me from what would probably have been a bad end! So I’m here now proving him right by demonstrating how delightfully friendly I really am! I’m a charming young solid black boy (named after my rescuer) and a shining example of how outgoing and people loving kittens are. I’m betting that two minutes with me will “win your heart and squash that sucker flat” (that’s from an old country western song!). C’mon I dare you to pass me up!

Arrived August 25, 2014