Approximate Age:
16 years, 2 months


Hi… my name is Partridge.

Adopted May 11, 2015

My sister, Pear Tree, and I (I guess we were “Christmas babies”!) came to TALGV when our mom could no longer care for us after 8 years. We’d been living with dogs (that scared the dickens out of us!) and tortoises (which were okay), and just her (whom we loved), so it’s taking us a long time to adjust to our change in circumstances. She said that we were both shy, but would climb into her lap now and then “when the spirit moved us.” We both like to play with toys however, and adore watching “the action” from a nice big window or porch, so I think once we find a place where there isn’t so much going (like there is here) we’ll revert to our quietly affectionate ways. Could you give us that chance?

Arrived March 19, 2014