Approximate Age:
9 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Precious.

Adopted March 14, 2015
Although my housemate, Parushca, and I lived with a dog for several years, my mom and dad’s philosophy was “never the twain shall meet” and kept us separated, so the volunteers aren’t sure whether we’d be okay with a quiet dog or not. When our dad died, mom just wasn’t up to keeping any of us (I think we were “daddy’s girls”!), so as they say in the personal ads, we’re “actively seeking” peaceful, new homes (our people were of the “senior” sort!) where we can be our old laid back, gentle selves. I’m a totally lovely, young, medium-haired dilute tortoiseshell girl, and although I’m essentially pretty shy, I make up for that with my loving nature. I you have a lap that’s gone spare, wouldn’t you like me to fill it?

Arrived February 22, 2015