Approximate Age:
8 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Steve,

Adopted 12-31-16

After my mom rescued a whole passel of cats over the years, she decided that she had finally reached her limit – especially since she had too many males vying for dominance. She said that with her though, I was a “lover” who hated to be separated from her (“he will paw at doors to be with you”), so you know if it’s just the two of us, life will be grand. I’m a big, approximately 4-year-old, Maine Coon mix who has one other rather unusual trait for a cat: I love being vacuumed! Just think how easy grooming will be for you! As a guy who has been transformed from a wayfaring stranger to a real homebody, you can bet that our time together will be a joy for us both!

Arrived 12-8-16