Approximate Age:
7 years, 2 months


Hi… my name is Tilly,

Adopted 8-19-17

TALGV sure has a lot of great volunteers! When I first arrived it was apparent that I was soon to be a mama, so I got to go home with one of them until my kittens were born, weaned, and off to new homes. Well, I’m happy to report that my mothering is done (forever!) and now I’m ready to be on my own with a human or two and (and even another critter, since I did “tolerate” them in my foster home!). While not exactly the glued-to-your-lap type, I am affectionate and playful, and I love to check out visitors when they arrive. I’m just two years old, with a charming grey “hat” and tail, and I’d love to “let it all hang out” with you!

Arrived 2-25-17