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Hi… my name is Titan,

Adopted 7-30-18

To some people, I’m just another lost dog, but not to you. You’ve noticed me—even if it’s just for a few minutes—which makes me happy because you’re someone who knows that dogs love to be with people. As a lost dog, I can tell you that’s what we miss most. Oh yeah, food and water are top of the list—I should know because I was way too skinny when rescued—but if you belong to a good person, those things are guaranteed. And if you’re super lucky, your person loves you—plays, cuddles, and shares happy times with you. That’s the best part of life for a dog like me. I’m a gentle, blonde, 5-year-old Shiba Inu mix male, 57 pounds, who wants only to belong to someone. Could it be you?

Arrived 3-2-18

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Hi… my name is Bruce (aka Buddha),

Adopted 1-27-19

Things were great at home until my people realized how much they wanted to travel and how often they’d be boarding me to do that, leaving me sad and lonely. So a new home is best, a place to give and get lots of people attention—which I love! At home, I was crate-trained, gentle and tolerant with kids ages 8 and older, and “asked” to go outside. Here at TALGV, my trainer says I’ve come a long way in learning to be nonreactive to other dogs, I’m treat-motivated, love belly rubs and my chew toy, and would be best with someone who gives me direction in a positive manner because I’m still a puppy at heart! She also said I’m one in a million—adorable and smart—and all I want to be is yours!                                                                                    (Bio revised 8/6/18)

Arrived 4-23-17; Adopted 4-28-17; Arrived 12-19-17

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Hi… my name is Indy,

Adopted 1-5-18

Up until now, the path to my forever home has taken some detours. I was rescued from my first home, but my second home already had three dogs and the four of us didn’t get along. There were happy times—my rescuer said I was good with her daughter, enjoyed playing ball, and behaved in the house when alone—so I’m bound to be a great fit in the right place. I can be reserved with strangers (maybe more likely with men), but once acquainted, I’ll open up to show the real me—lively, playful, and smart. (In training, I did a great job on my very first day!) I’m a 2-year-old Shiba Inu mix male, 37 pounds, whose greatest wish is to earn my forever home by being the faithful companion you love.

Arrived 9-22-17

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Hi… my name is Queenie Sue,

Adopted 9-16-17

Queenie Sue has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Running free can be glorious if you’re safe—like when you’re at home or out running with your person. But I was found running loose and not safe at all because I was near a highway, without a collar or tag, and without a friend until a gentleman stopped, picked me up and brought me here. People say I’m stunningly beautiful—a blonde and white Husky mix female with a good-looking physique at 61 pounds—and those kind words are sweet, but I’m way more interested in how we feel about each other. Come visit and you’ll see that I’m looking for a friend. I’m 4 years old and still energetic, so we could exercise and then relax together the way old buddies do. How about it? Could we be friends for life?

Arrived 2-10-17

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