Approximate Age:
10 years, 8 months
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, ,
30 pounds


Hi… my name is Chloe.

I was adopted on April 12, 2014.

After my senior mom’s husband died, her kids kindheartedly gave me to her for company. I began life with her as a fairly small puppy, but, as these things go, I quickly developed into an 18-month-old, high-spirited teenager, got a lot bigger (well only 30 pounds!), and became “too much” for her. She taught me lots of commands though, and being an Australian cattle dog, it took no time at all to learn them, so for you people out there who think my breed is just the best there is (I certainly think so!), I promise that I’m going to be the dog of your dreams. I love people, am GREAT with kids, well behaved, and am a happy-go-lucky gal who wants to share all the joie de vivre I have with you!