67 pounds


Hi… my name is Ezmaee,

Adopted 2-5-18

People pleasing is number one on my to-do list, so when someone asks me to “sit up pretty,” I’m glad to do it. My friends here say it’s my trademark because I’m pretty inside and out—a red and white Border Collie mix female, 67 pounds and 6-1/2 years old, who’s a delightful companion for going on walks, running, playing, and cuddling. After my former person suffered a significant knee injury, she couldn’t walk or run with me anymore, and wanted me to have the chance to be with someone who could—someone who’ll relish my energy and joy of living. She called me “extremely loveable,” gentle and tolerant with the 16-year-old at her house, and trained to “sit” and “stay” too. I’d love the chance to make you happy. Will you let me try?

Arrived 1-12-18