Approximate Age:
7 years, 0 months
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55 pounds


Hi… my name is Jude,

Adopted October 12, 2016

Before becoming a TALGV dog, I was a stray, taken care of at a truck yard. It wasn’t a home, but at least I had human contact there; although careful about human friends, I like people in general and back at the truck yard enjoyed greeting everyone who came to work. One special friend (who already has five dogs) appreciated my good dog manners, said I had “the sweetest disposition,” and brought dogs to visit me. How I loved playing with those dogs! Then I was brought here, so life has continued to get better for me. I’m a 2-year-old male with a beautiful tan, black and rust coat, about 55 pounds, who dares to dream that the best is yet to come—a home with a person to love. Could that be you?


Arrived July 20, 2016.