Approximate Age:
3 years, 7 months
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, ,
38 pounds


Hi… my name is Kringle,

Adopted 3-3-20

I can’t remember what happened, but one day my sister and I woke up to find ourselves alone in an empty house. Thank goodness a kind lady took us in and cared for us until we were 8 weeks old, and then we were brought to TALGV. Shortly afterwards I was adopted, but two months later I’m back. I’m a 4-month-old Shepherd mix boy, and I guess I was too much puppy that loved to play with too many things that were not mine. Everyone here talks about something called basic obedience training and how it helps pups, like me, learn how to behave. Please stop by and say hello, and I hope you are willing to be patient and train me so you won’t want to say good-bye.

Arrived 12-13-19; Adopted 12-20-19; Arrived 2-17-20