Approximate Age:
10 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Roscoe.

I was only here at TALGV for a few days after I was found when a couple adopted me as a holiday present to each other. Sadly, I turned out to be “too rambunctious” for my disabled mom, so after just a few days, I came back. Although they think I’m about 2 years old, I’m still very puppyish and love playing with practically anything just to be active. While I was in their home, my adopters said that I was “good with everybody,” slept all night, ate well, and was a sweet guy — just too much for them to handle. I’m an endearing Chihuahua mix boy who does need some lessons in house manners (and basic obedience, I guess), but after you’ve invested a bit of time in that, I know that I’ll be your constant companion. What do you say — let’s try to work something out so that we’ll both be happy!