Approximate Age:
6 years, 10 months



Hi… my name is Argyle,

Adopted March 1, 2016

There aren’t tons of people willing to care for feral cats (and take the time to trap, neuter, and release them), but the wonderful lady who rescued us has been doing just that for years. I think the word has gotten out to the feline moms in her neighborhood, as they’ve been bringing her their litters for a while now, knowing that she’d see that they were safe, and so it was with my siblings, Duncan, Bronte, and me. As much as she could, she also made sure that we were socialized, but given that we lived outside all our lives, we could still use some additional “climbing onto your lap” encouragement. Happily, we’re all healthy as the proverbial horse, so you can rest assured all you have to add is love!

Arrived September 19, 2015