Approximate Age:
17 years, 4 months

Baby Boo

Hi… my name is Baby Boo.

Adopted 12-5-16

Baby Boo comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

When you’ve lived all your life with one (very quiet) person and no other pets, you tend to be a rather laid back, shy lady. After my mom died, her sister would have taken me, but her husband had allergies, so that didn’t work out. Everyone says I am a real sweetie with a tiny voice who is always glad to see people. I enjoy playing with feathery things and small stuffed toys (I sometimes carry them around and drop them in my water bowl!), just like when I was a kitten. My “auntie” said, “She’s kind, affectionate, and loves to be petted and talked to,” so if you have a quiet life, please make me part of it! Oh, and I come with Free Vet Care for life to boot!

Arrived May 15, 2014