Approximate Age:
12 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Bandita.

I was adopted May 22, 2014.

When my family moved to a new house, they said there wasn’t enough room for my two feline friends and me in addition to their dogs and parrots! My suggestion, of course, was to rehome the dogs and parrots instead of us, but they didn’t listen to me! Well my two friends have found homes in a flash because they’re exotic Egyptian Maus, but I can tell you that I’m just as special as they are — particularly if you love Tuxedos like so many humans do! My people found me as a kitten 4½ years ago (and although I’m an “adult” lady now, I still love games and toys!), and they said that I’ve always been very lovable and a “great family pet,” so I’d like to continue that tradition with another family that isn’t planning to move any time soon. How about yours?

Female – Shorthaired Tuxedo

Est. Age: 4½ yrs – Arrived 3/5/14