Approximate Age:
17 years, 5 months
17 pounds

Big Tiger

Hi… my name is Big Tiger,

Adopted 11-17-16

Big Tiger comes with Free Vet Care for Life.

You know, “gets on furniture” shouldn’t be considered “problem behavior” because most people like cats on the furniture next to them! Since all the other comments about me were positive: “gentle/tolerant, quiet/laid back,” “doesn’t react to other pets – i.e. playful dogs,” I ought to get high marks in the deportment department! I also like to be combed, enjoy belly rubs, and will give you a dog-like lick now and then to show my affection. I do live up to my name, however, at 17 pounds, but as you humans say, that’s just “more of me to love!” Or with your help, I could become a Weight Watchers adherent and slim down,too! I’m old enough to have Free Vet Care for Life, so let’s get together and enjoy life!

Arrived 12-21-15