Approximate Age:
11 years, 5 months

Charlie Chaplin

Hi… my name is Charlie Chaplin.

I guess there won’t be anyone out there wondering how I got my name! My “moustache” is unmistakable, and it just adds that extra “something” that makes me so distinctive. My people adopted me from a shelter and had me for three months, but as they said, “Our household is quiet, which was too boring for Charlie. He needs more stimulation than we could provide.” They said that I was very boisterous and energetic, but played a bit too rough with their older, timid cat (they thought I’d really like a younger, more lively playmate, so that’s what I’m looking for). I’m a shorthaired black and white boy who is exceptionally playful, curious and eager to explore my surroundings. I might even do well with a dog that liked cats (they are a bit more into “interactive” play than a lot of felines!), so if that sounds like your household, I’d probably fit in just fine!