Approximate Age:
9 years, 2 months

Daisy Mae

Hi… my name is Daisy Mae.

In my short life, I’ve lived with lots of other animals (and even birds!) and life was one big happy romp until my mom had to move into assisted living and couldn’t take any of us with her. I had a grand time playing with the dogs and other cats, but my very favorite was mom.  I have a lovely white coat with a fascinating “angel” silhouette over the top of my head and ears (and that seems to be a perfect description of me!). I was born on March 25, 2013, so you can plan now to celebrate my birthday with a special treat (mom says I like a little hamburger once in a while — and even eat the pickle, so there you go!). There’s more stuff about me that you can read at TALGV, but the best thing would be just to meet me as I know you’ll fall in love!