Approximate Age:
11 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Libra.

For a relative youngster, I’ve led a pretty exciting life (and not necessarily the best kind of exciting!). A family in Sahuarita found me when I was about to have kittens, so they kept me until they were born and weaned and then brought us here to TALGV. Since we were living outside much of the time, we all contracted ringworm (and I have a scar on my throat from what might have been a dog attack), but after being treated for four weeks, we’ve all been pronounced healthy as can be, and I’m half-past ready to get on with my life in a safer, indoor environment! I’m a lithe, classic tabby and white girl, who is very friendly, outgoing, and love to play. I’d rather not live with dogs again though, so if you have a quiet home where it can be just you and me (and maybe another feline), that would suit me to a “T”!