Approximate Age:
14 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Lady.

Sometimes when people and animals have survived debilitating physical problems they are more kind, tolerant, and appreciative of their new lives. Well, that’s my story, so I’ll share it with you in hopes that you’ll be that one extraordinary person who will help me through the rest of my life. When I arrived at TALGV, I had a terrible skin infection with most of my fur gone, an infected cyst on my side that they found contained cactus stickers when it was removed, and was badly malnourished (happily I was FELV/FIV negative though!). It turns out that I have severe allergies that will require medication, a warm water bath twice a week, and grain-free food for life, but if you can manage that (it’s not hard and I’m used to it!), you will have one of the most gentle, loving cats that ever walked the planet! Won’t YOU be the Samaritan that makes my dreams come true?