Approximate Age:
8 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Raisin,

Adopted January 1, 2016

When my family had to move to an apartment, the landlord said, “Absolutely NO cats”! Well, fie on him! He doesn’t know what he’s missing! I’m a darling, young, black and white girl who loved playing with “my” 4-year-old (Mom said, “Raisin plays with my wild son and will go looking for him”), “normal” cat toys, laser lights, and oh, well gee, just about anything!  As an added benefit, I’m not overly fond of wet food, so there’s no need for you to deal with stinky cat food cans either! I love being around people (I really don’t like being left alone all day), so I’m dreaming of another home where someone will be nearby a lot so I can relax and be the kind of cuddle bunny I was meant to be.

Arrived July 21, 2014