Approximate Age:
13 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Tala.

I was adopted July 29, 2014.

I arrived at TALGV as a kitten, was adopted by a warm-hearted older man in no time, and we had a wonderful life together until he died. I stayed with a friend of his afterward, but she had four cats and we just never got along. I then went to live with a single lady for a while, and she said that I was lovable and adored attention, loved playing with strings, small toys, and those fascinating rings from milk cartons. She had a cat, too, and although we got along “okay,” she said that I’d prefer being the only feline in the home. Like all cats, I do need to stretch my legs, so since I’m an indoor-only kind of gal, I’m hoping you have a cat tree or scratching post or two where I can do my daily calisthenics. If you give me that (and love!), I’ll give you lots of the same in return!