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Hi… my name is Spencer,

Adopted 7-1-20

Have you ever longed to be accepted and loved for who you really are? I’ve been living at TALGV for almost 3 years and still hope for the day when someone special comes, really sees me, and says, “Spencer, you’re coming home!” People walk by my door, give me a glance, see a black dog with a graying muzzle, and pass me by. What they don’t see is that I know my commands and have good house manners, am friendly and give big kisses. I love walks, car rides, playing “find the treat,” learning new commands, and taking a nap. I do, however, have a problem I just can’t seem to shake. Do you? Mine is aversion to other dogs. I will treasure the person who is willing to shield me, adopt me as their only dog, and love me as I am.

Arrived 5-20-17


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Hi… my name is Yogi,

Adopted 9-10-18

I used to live outside all the time. Oh, I learned to cope, but the comforts and company of living inside are truly appealing. (I do love a pool, so some outside time can be fun.) I’m 7 years old—lots of living still to do—but my people are moving and can’t take me along. We’ve been together since I was a puppy, so it’s a big change, but there’s a bright side: I know how to be a loving companion and I certainly love receiving attention, so this is my big chance for more of that! I’m an Akita/Lab mix male, about 65 pounds, with a beautiful rust and white coat. I’m leash-trained, have lived with other dogs, know some commands, and will live happily ever after if you make me yours.

Arrived 7-30-17

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