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Hi… my name is Chico,

Adopted 3-1-21

Do you like leaners? Then I’m your dog! Give me some attention or an ear scratch and I will lean against you for more of the same. I like it even better if I can crawl into your lap and have you scratch my tummy! I know, I know: I am pretty big and that may not work for everyone! I am also athletic and strong. I’ve been called “a bit bossy” and I am not fond of cats but have been told that I walk well on a leash. Romper and I spent some time together and both of us get along well with other dogs and like to play with them, so I would love to have the opportunity to do that in my new home.

Arrived 12-12-20


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Hi… my name is Lacey (aka Tuesday),

Adopted 5-5-20

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

I hope you understand when I say these precious years are my sweetest. I’ve had friends, adventures, scary times (once lost in the desert), and good times, but now I’m content to lie in the sun, enjoy my meals, and stay close to my special person. I’m told I’m good company, too. I love to go for walks every day, enjoy a warm bath, and I’m a loving companion—described as “amazingly affectionate.” Fine in a crate at night, I ask to go outside, and for your comfort, I come with Vet Care Support for Life. Granted, my joints are sometimes stiff, and I can’t see anymore—unless you count how my heart sees the goodness of a loving companion. That’s what I’ll see in you and be for you if you take me home.

Arrived 3-28-13; Adopted 5-7-17; Arrived 6-3-18. Adopted 6-14-18; Arrived 12-15-19


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Hi… my name is Gunther,

Adopted 9-11-19

After my people moved away and I couldn’t join them, I was sad. I’ve always been very loyal and loving to my family and to regular visitors, so being alone was tough. But it turns out other people can be my friends, too. My former family said that I’m housetrained, very intelligent and seemed to understand what they said (between you and me, that’s true—I did). I often will follow correction when spoken to, not when yelled at or scolded. That’s because although I’m kind of a big guy, my heart is tender. I’m even a little shy. For fun, I like to play, enjoy toys, and I’m very curious. And I know life can be great with people you love. So how about we meet and see if we can be great together!

Arrived 3-14-19

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Hi… my name is Trixie,

Adopted December 31, 2015

My foster mom and dad report that I’m a typical puppy with lessons to learn; the puppy version of “some assembly required.” I’m also a lucky pup because some great people are helping me learn to be the best dog I can be. Already, I will sit and stay at the door, and I’m learning other important things like how to have fun with other dogs, be quiet in my crate, and good house manners, too. (Turns out the people make the rules – good to know!) I’m a 6-month-old female pup; a 25-pound Dalmation/Staffie mix, white with big and small black spots. I’m an energetic pup who also loves to cuddle—a cuddle bug, they call me—and in my puppy dreams, I imagine my forever home. Could it be with you?

PS Hope you enjoy seeing my baby photo at the bottom of the page.

Arrived June 25, 2015; previously Arrived March 13, 2015; Adopted March 23, 2015


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