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Hi… my name is Harper Lee,

Adopted 10-17-20

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… if you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

Arrived 10-13-20

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Hi… my name is Nikki,

Adopted 12-13-19

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

FOUND – Arrived 12-8-19

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Hi… my name is Irwin,

Adopted 7-10-18

When our person moved and didn’t have room for dogs anymore, I didn’t have to be alone because I’m with Socks! She’s my best canine buddy and in her very sweet way, she looks out for me. (I like to think I taught her everything she knows, but that’s a secret.) In appearance, we’re rather different. I’m smaller and older—a 22-pound, 13-1/2-year-old, black and white Rat Terrier male, and Socks is a beautiful 78-pound, 7-year-old, tan and white Labrador mix female. We’re both housebroken, accustomed to sharing our lives with people, and tend to be calm and gentle, enjoying a peaceful way of life. But we’re eager, too—watching and hoping for that special someone new to love, this time forever. Could you please double your pleasure and love both Socks and me?

Oh, and by the way, we both come with Free Vet Care for Life, so that’s just one more incentive to love us!

Arrived 3-22-18


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Hi… my name is Star,

Adopted 12-18-16

My person was very sad to let me go, but her own health issue couldn’t be ignored. We’d been together my whole life, so it’s been a major change for me. I’ve been scared and lonely, but now I understand that “home” will be a new place. I’m a 6-year-old Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix female, and I’m expecting a nice long future with my new someone, maybe even more love and fun than I could imagine! Once I get over my shyness, I’ll do my part, too. Fetch is my favorite game (although I need instruction on bringing the toy all the way back), and I know commands like sit and stay. Best of all, since I want love, I know how to give lots of it, too. Won’t you give me a visit today?

Arrived 9-24-16

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Hi… my name is Jose,

Adopted August 20, 2016

I was a lost little dog, depending on the kindness of strangers, when I wandered into a yard I’d never seen before. Luckily, the people there were very kind indeed. They took me in and kept me for a month, but since they’re gone to work all day, there just wasn’t enough time for me. So they brought me here, where I can meet someone who’ll want me forever! I’m a sweet Rat Terrier mix male, tan and white; a great size for cuddling and playing at just 9+ pounds. Plus, I’m friendly—I’ve been very happy to meet children here at the Animal League. Won’t you please stop by today, even if it’s just to say “hi.” Who knows—we might become instant friends and you’ll be the one to welcome me home.

Arrived August 7, 2016

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Hi… my name is Amy,

Adopted February 20, 2016

How did I know that a park was a good place to find help? Well, okay, I didn’t really, but that’s where I was found, and I’m glad because now I’m here, the place where I’m likely to find a safe and wonderful new home! I’m a 2-year-old Rat Terrier female, black and white with some lovely highlights of blended color (like around my eyes). Small and slender, I’m a comfy lap size, and also a lively playmate. Sometimes I’m so happy to play, I become a dancer, prancing on my hind legs. Like most Rat Terriers, I’m inquisitive and affectionate, and will be an excellent companion for someone who enjoys a fun-loving and people-loving dog like me. Please come and find me here, and take me to my forever happy home with you!

Arrived February 14, 2016

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Hi… my name is Allie,

Adopted January 29, 2016

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived January 13, 2016

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Hi… my name is Vaquito,

Adopted January 19, 2016

Arrived December 1, 2015

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Hi… my name is Ariel,

Adopted October 16, 2015

I’m a little dog with a big dream. Here’s my story: I was lost, an 8.6 pound, 5-month-old Rat Terrier mix female on the street, on my own. Then I saw a guy washing his car and he smiled at me. He and his wife gave me food, water, and a ride to TALGV.   Here, I’ve met all kinds of new friends and we’re busy every day, playing, going for walks, and just keeping each other company. They say I’m smart, loving, and lively, and like lots of Rat Terriers, I’m an all-around great companion. And that’s where my big dream comes in. Every night, I dream about the happy day when someone takes me home to be their best little friend forever. Could it be you? Could you make my dream come true?

Arrived October 10, 2015

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Hi… my name is Georgie.

I was adopted August 12, 2014.

Eight dogs, two cats, one rabbit (and several humans of course!). That’s the number of critters I lived with after I was found on the Fourth of July! The people who discovered me near Mann and Sahuarita Roads thought that maybe I’d been frightened by the Fourth festivities, so they looked for my owners for three weeks before bringing me to TALGV (I guess they can’t be faulted for not keeping me given the menagerie they already had!). I’m a captivating sable, fawn, and white Chihuahua mix boy  with the most winsome “won’t you take me home?” expression you’ve ever seen. Why not help me change that to “goody, now I’ve got a place of my own”? I’ll bet we’ll both be happier for it!

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