Approximate Age:
8 years, 9 months
60 pounds


Hi… my name is Belle,

Adopted 11-19-18

When people compliment me for being an exceptionally sweet, good-natured dog, I appreciate their kindness all the more because I’ve known rough times—one in particular. On that day, a young puppy mixed with some older dogs, then something happened and suddenly there was trouble—serious trouble for the puppy. I stepped in to help him and we both ended up in the hospital. The pup recovered fully and soon was adopted, and my wounds healed, too—you may notice a few scars, but friends tell me heroes often have scars. Now, I’m living in a foster home, hoping every day that someone wonderful will choose me as their dog, and together we’ll share a happy, carefree life. If that’s you—if you’ll let me be your sweet dog—you’ll be my hero forever!

Arrived 7-18-18