Approximate Age:
8 years, 7 months
70 pounds


Hi… my name is Benjia,

Adopted 1-1-21

For five years I lived with my family, until they moved and couldn’t take me with them. Then, my whole outlook on life changed. I’m still a sweet, affectionate girl but I have a few issues to address. I would prefer a home without any steps and no contact with other dogs. As for walks, I WON’T GO; DON’T ASK ME! That should cover it. Finally, I’ll tell you the good points. I enjoy being in my crate and “you don’t need to walk me.” I love people and I have a beautiful face with expressive eyes. When you look deep into them you may see some sorrow but above all you can see the love. That love can all be yours. Please, just make that call and I’ll be waiting for YOU.

Arrived 10-30-19, Adopted 12-28-19, Arrived 9-14-20