Approximate Age:
11 years, 7 months
20 pounds


Hi… my name is Gracie.

I only spent three days with my rescuers (who found me at the Sahuarita Baptist church, hence my name!), but in that time they said that I was a friendly girl who was gentle and tolerant with their kids, but that I preferred human company over the resident dogs. Apparently I “slept a lot,” but that might just be because I’d probably been living outside for a while since I’ve got a few scars to attest to my less-than-perfect-so-far life. At my age, I may have seen more “action” than many dogs twice that age. I’m a small and pretty, retriever mix, and I’m absolutely positive that if you give me a safe, loving home, you’ll wonder what you ever did without me — and I’ll think I won the doggie lottery with you in my life! C’mon, make that happen for both of us!