Approximate Age:
3 years, 9 months
43 pounds


Hi… my name is Hannah,

Adopted 11-22-20

I’m a 1-year-old female Staffie mix. When you first meet me, you will immediately notice my majestic ears; secondly you will probably notice my “unique” feet. Don’t be concerned; I’m not handicapped. They are part of the original equipment that I was born with. I enjoy walks and leash training is presently one of my lessons. I do walk better on a flat surface such as sidewalks, etc. I’m a very affectionate girl that loves to play. I’m really good at the game “find it” and when playing with a ball, I will be more than happy to trade it for a treat. At first I wasn’t sure about cars but once I got in, I was thrilled to see the places we could visit. Please schedule an appointment because I would really like to meet you and you could see what a special little girl I am.

Arrived 9-2-20