Approximate Age:
10 years, 3 months
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Hi… my name is Sasha.

I was adopted June 11, 2014.

I was found in October in the desert by my “mom’s” co-workers and since none of them could keep me, she took me home. She had every intention of keeping me forever, but she had to move to a new place that didn’t allow pets. She said I’m really a sweet girl who loved to play in the water with her kids (although as a puppy, sometimes I got a little rambunctious, but a firm “no” got me to stop right away). I’m “mostly” potty trained (I need a little extra outing at night), and I know that with a little education, I’ll have all my ABCs down pat. I’m a charming young tan and white Staffie and Boxer mix girl (my “learning skills” are getting swifter by the day!), and I’ve got high hopes I’ll get to spend the New Year admiring the view from my new home and yard!