Approximate Age:
5 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Seri,

Adopted with Cholla 4-7-19

Can a dog be both shy and brave? I guess the answer is yes because friends here say that’s what I am. I was a stray, being fed—along with another lost dog—by kind strangers. Although very grateful for the food, we were still very shy, even after being rescued and brought here. But after my fellow lost dog was adopted and I was left alone, something surprising happened: Instead of being more afraid, I’ve become friendlier with the volunteers—cautious, but with gentle coaxing, I’ve dared to approach new people. In my sweet, calm way, I’ll probably be brave enough to greet you, too. And if you’re patient and I’m very lucky, we could become such good friends that you’ll want to take me home. Will you give me that happy chance?

FOUND – Arrived 3-14-19