47 pounds
Special Needs:
Stormy is deaf.


Hi… my name is Stormy,

Masterpieces by Michelangelo, Beethoven and DaVinci, took time, patience and love to come to fruition. Those treasures were certainly worth the effort, right? Well, with those same tools, you can transform this 47-lb bundle of happy energy into the best dog I can be! A kind human found me wearing a “deaf dog” collar and, sadly, nobody claimed me. But, happily, my TALGV friends are helping me channel my energy into learning good manners as well as hand signal commands (you know deaf dogs hear with their hearts, right?), and all the while I’m having fun and making more friends. Do you have the tools necessary to help me become the masterpiece I’m destined to become? If you have another active, friendly dog I can learn from, that’s even better. Let’s design a Happily Ever After!

FOUND – Arrived 2-23-23