Approximate Age:
16 years, 0 months
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Hi… my name is Dutch.

I was adopted on April 7, 2014.

I am one handsome specimen of a Boxer/terrier mix guy who was found in July 2009. After I’d been here a while, they wanted to see how I would behave in a “real” home situation, so I lived with a foster mom for a time. You can “read all about it” in her notes, but here are excerpts: “I found Dutch to be calm, quiet, gentle and affectionate. Dutch is not a barker, doesn’t jump and stays fairly calm at home, which is quite different from how he appears in a kennel situation. Although he pulls on a choke collar, he does well with a ‘gentle leader,’ knows basic commands, and plays rough and tumble with big dogs, so maybe avoid dog parks as there are a lot of unknowns there. Dutch will make a great companion for an EXPERIENCED, dog owner.” There’s LOTS more about me at TALGV, so please come see it and then meet me.